Twelve years ago on Aug. 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina stirred landfall and will continue to be destroy New Orleans. This anniversary comes as President Donald Trump is have to deal with destruction in Texas and Louisiana from Hurricane Harvey. So, naturally, people are tweeting about President Barack Obama’s have responded to Katrina and comparing it to Trump’s response to Harvey.

There’s simply one, um, kind of major issue with that analogy. You check, Katrina happened in 2005. Obama grew President of the United States in 2009. So, well, you view, President Barack Obama’s response to Hurricane Katrina literally does not exist because Obama was not chairman during Katrina. Are we clear on that?

Apparently a whole cluster of Trump boosters( or at least Obama haters) are really, really not clear on that. Throughout Tuesday, tweets have been picturing up claiming that Obama’s response to Katrina was horrific and that Trump’s doing a better chore than Obama did with Katrina. Tweets are also claiming that Obama was golfing during Hurricane Katrina.

Again, let’s clarify: Obama was not chairman when Hurricane Katrina smacked. That hurricane’s reply was bungled by the administration of Republican President George W. Bush. I symbolize, at the very least, don’t you all remember Kanye West’s whole “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” iconic instant? That was about Hurricane Katrina and then-President Bush.

Some folks( which are able to, in fact, be bots, and not living folks ), clearly don’t remember that well enough 😛 TAGEND

There are many people responding to correct the record on tweets that have since been deleted, and lots of people saying their tweets about Obama and Katrina were satirical.

And, again, there are plenty of these dumb tweets coming from what turns out to be bots. But, as April Reign points out, bots have influence. Obama haters looking for more reasons to detest Obama will see those bots’ tweets , not know they’re bots, and think the information is real.

That’s Fake News, my friends.

So, with that in intellect, I’m going to repeat the Real Reports: Barack Obama was not president when Hurricane Katrina made. Therefore, it was not possible to comparison President Obama’s response to Katrina to President Trump’s response to Harvey.

Meanwhile, this whole Fake News idea that Obama screwed up with Hurricane Katrina isn’t actually a new occasion. In fact, a 2013 canvas showed that a third of Louisiana Republicans accused Obama for the government’s miscarried reply to Katrina.

So one more time, say it with me now: Obama was not president when Hurricane Katrina hit.

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