Gage Skidmore

I hear all the time, from my sisters and brethren on the left, some alteration of the same dispute. they will say, or

I hear these arguments literally every day, from men and women of good conscience who truly believe what they are saying with all their hearts and thoughts. They genuinely imagine that we could be in a worse situation than the one we find ourselves in now. The arguing runs something like this. Sure, Donald Trump is a dangerously unhinged incompetent who, if not a dyed in the coat raving racist and white supremacist himself, must really hitched his gold-plated wagon to the most abhorrent racists and white supremacists in national societies, but the last situation on clay we want to do is impeach him. It’s better to just wait out his word and get person better into role in 2020. Mike Pence would be even worse, they say.

Pence is just as much a white supremacist as Trump is, as well as represent one of “the worlds largest” homophobic, Christo-fascist politicians in recent memory.

What’s more, Pence is an extremely skilled lawmaker and were well liked by his GOP comrades in Congress. It’s possible he could be better at trying to push through some of the disgraceful legislation, such as defunding Contrived Parenthood and destroying our health care system, that Trump has been unable to accomplish because he doesn’t have the backing of the members of his own party.

Now all of what my friends are saying about Pence is, of course, true-blue. Pence is a nasty piece of work who, as chairman, would spell big trouble for homosexual rights and women’s reproductive rights , among other things. It does not follow, nonetheless, that he would be more of a disaster than Trump. If you think that is possible then you are kidding yourself . We are, at this moment, in “the worlds largest” tenuous and precarious situation we could possibly be. It truly comes down to one, simple-minded equation: an evil adult with the nuclear codes is infinitely preferable to a delusional child with them.

There are many other reasons, of course. Pence would expend less time demonizing the press and puffing himself up and more period are working with important government business. Pence wouldn’t have the same legion of religion members and AltRight trolls that are currently threatening to start a brand-new Civil War if their hero is somehow removed from office. Cent may very well kowtow to neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, but I can’t imagine him doing it nearly as openly and shamelessly as Trump does on a regular basis.

In short, your best friend, Mike Pence as chairman would be an unmitigated disaster and I hope to God that he gets himself deeply mired in the investigation into Trump’s conspiracy with Russia to steal the election, so that the two of them go down together and are forever remembered in history books as un-American con-men and traitors.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is something far more terrifying.

What we have now as President of these United States is the equivalent of Billy Mumy in that chapter in owned of the capacities for nuclear extermination. Mike Pence would certainly try to gut our safety net and pushing civil rights back to the dark ages but Trump could care us all into the cornfield if we aren’t nice to him.

No, my friends, we need to quit feigning that we could possibly be in a more treacherous situation than we are currently and that the best situation for us to do is to do nothing. We cannot afford to just let this blow over, and we plainly cannot use the condone that Pence would be worse or just as bad.

We need to pour into the streets and requirement that this absurd national travesty was necessary to an goal. We must insist that our fearful senators and congressmen and women get up off their lazy, privileged, corrupted fannies and remove the steaming dumpster fuel that is Donald Trump from bureau. We need to start right now, this very minute, and we cannot stop until this Orwellian nightmare is over.

What’s wrong with America is deep and wildly complex and won’t be solved by Trump’s removal.

Trump’s removal, however, is the necessary first step .

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