As soon as it was announced that Kylie Jenner was reportedly pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, the internet was quite literally set on fire — which is coincidentally what Jenner said in her Instagram caption in her first picture post that featured Travis Scott. Well, she said, “It’s lit, ” but same happen, right? Now that we’re all trying to slowly digest Kylie Jenner’s reported pregnancy report at 5 p. m. on a Friday( the Kardashians never sleep, people !), the internet is slowly, of course, coming up with new plot possibilities. The latest question people are questioning is, is Kylie Kim’s surrogate?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and spouse Kanye West have been trying to have a third child. The couple already has a daughter, North West, who is 4, and son Saint, who is about 22 months age-old. Kim was very open with her conflicts she experienced while being pregnant on her display, and even explored the option of a replacement on the show’s recently completed season .~ ATAGEND There have been reports that Kim has acquired a replacement, but the hotshot has imbued the issue of developments in the situation. This was presumably done so the surrogacy could be shown and discussed on the next season of, but fans are saying the replacement is Kylie.

This is probably one of the wildest rumors to already come out of the Kylie and Travis Scott maternity rumors, but Twitter is standing by its faiths and really going for this one. Upper-class Daily has reached out to both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on the instances of Kylie’s alleged pregnancy, but did not discover back at the time of publication.

Twitter Immediately Started Expecting The Question

Kim has been very vocal about her doctor’s warning that having a third child herself has not been able to be a safe alternative for her. She said in an chapter of,

If the two doctors that I rely have told me it wouldn’t be safe for me to was pregnant again, I have to listen to that. But because I don’t know anyone that has been a surrogate or used one, I didn’t genuinely think about that as an option for me.

Some People Anticipate The Kylie Pregnancy Announcement Is All Part Of A Larger Scheme

Others Tweet The Conspiracy Theory And Then Wonder Why They Even Care

Literally, Demi-Leigh, you are all of us. Why do we care about literally anything and everything the Kardashian-Jenners do? Why is Donald Trump president? Why are we talking about nuclear warfare in 2017? Frankly, this isn’t the first thing to not make sense this year. We’re here for you, Demi-Leigh.

Others Are Utilizing This Time To Fat Shame Kanye, Which Is Not OK

New photos emerged of the rapper today, and Twitter has been reproaching his “dad bod.” This gag surely spans the line. It has been public knowledge that West has reportedly gone through a lot of mental health problems this year, and his appearance and assumptions about how he’s doing should never be commented on.

The Kardashian-Jenners Have Suffered A Lot, And Love See This Theory Is Exactly Including To It

No Matter What’s Proceeding On Here, We Can All Agree Twitter Needs Answers

Cue the Kris Jenner memes, y’all! A remember to you, Twitter, that the sources corroborating Kylie Jenner’s reported pregnancy are all saying explicitly that it’s with Travis Scott’s baby. Maybe if “its just” being reported that Kylie Jenner was pregnant — point — then I might be more inclined to theorize myself.

But that’s what the internet does. It has unusually random thoughts and then widely writes them for all the world to see.

Others Are Saying Kim’s Surrogacy News Is A Fake Story In The First Place

Kim Kardashian has not confirmed that she has a replacement … at all. Every report on this is all speculation. This Twitter user supplied a friendly reminder that expecting makes an ass out of “u” and “me, ” people. So let’s just wait for more information, and please the Kardashian-Jenners best available, irrespective of what’s really going on.

If you disagree, I guess you can just tweet about it.

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