In 2004, Brigham Young University student David Sneddon was inspecting China when he vanished. He hasn’t been considered since.

The 24 -year-old was last met hiking through Tiger Leaping Gorge in the country’s Yunnan Province. Since then, he’s been presumed dead by Chinese agents, who say he likely fell or submerge, but their own families doesn’t buy that rationale because his figure was never recovered. What they feel really happened to him is much stranger, specially considering that they’re persuaded he’s still alive.

Before he went missing, Sneddon helped a assignment in South Korea for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Because he was able to speak in fluent Korean, his family thinks he was specific and kidnapped in China by North Korean officials.

They also believe he was taken to teach English at the North Korean capital, maybe even to Kim Jong Un.

claimed last year to have knowledge of Sneddon being under surveillance and reported sightings of him in other areas. Sung-yong also said Sneddon now goes by the epithet Yoon Bong Soo, is married to a 37 -year-old woman named Kim Eun Hye, and has two children.
sent a word advising President Trump to look into North Korean involvement in Sneddon’s disappearance.
had this to say about Sneddon: “Thus far, we have not been able to verify any information is recommended that David Sneddon was kidnapped from China by North Korean officials or is alive in North Korea, but we will continue our efforts to search for any verifiable information.”

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