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So, you’ve made a commitment tobecome healthier, take better care of yourself, and ultimately lose that extra unwanted weight. You’ve been absolutely killing it and candidly can’t believe how well you’re doing. Then abruptly, that moment happens. Yes, that dreaded moment ofburnout.

You’re having a motivation meltdown! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there at one time or another, and it’s not a fun feeling, especially after all the work you’ve put in. The truth is, you know at the end of the dayquitting isn’t worth it, but you’re nearly to the point where you don’t care you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Before you do, however, we’ve got a feweasy tipsto help you recollect why you started living healthy in the first place. Don’t give up allhope just yet and take alook below.


1. Don’t defined unrealistic goals.


Many of us are guilty of superwoman or superman disorder. This is when you want to do everything and please everyone! You’re telling yes to all that’s asked of you and ultimately end up telling no to things you want to accomplish. Take a look at just how many times you sayyes so that you can also say yes to yourself.

2. Remember your reasons.


The question “Why? ” is your internal motive. Why do you want to reduce your blood sugar? Why do you want to lose weight? The whys are what actually remind you of the reasons you’re doing this in the first place.

3. Say ‘choose’ instead of ‘can’t have.’


Reframing your thinking does wonders whether you know it or not. When you say “I choose to feel more comfortable in my clothes” vs. “I can’t have ice cream, ” your life will change drastically. When you choose health and wellness, that’s a positive mindset.

4. Have a plan for challenges.


As we all know, motive is fleeting, entailing we need to strategize around the barriers. Problem-solve around your busy schedule and any challenges. Thenyou’ll have solutions instead of throwing your hands in the air and telling, “I quit! ”

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