The job of president of the United States is never finished.

As Hurricane Harvey approached southeastern Texas last week, experts warned that it had the health risks to be a cataclysmic, disastrous phenomenon. When the hurricane resolved over Houston and emptied trillions of gallons of rain on the city, it was clear that it outdid even the direst predictions.

Charities have been devastated with donations–Houston Texans starring J.J. Watt has been able to raise over $20 million alone–and Congress has set out the preliminary more detailed information on a virtually $ 8 billion relief pack. Now, every living past U.S. chairman has teamed up for One America Appeal to raise money for those affected by the hurricane.

The former Chairwomen were inspired to come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which unleashed ravaging flooding — and stimulated thousands of first responders and neighbors into action. More than one million people have been displaced by Harvey, which has caused up to $180 billion in impairments to over 200,000 dwellings over a 300 -mile path of destruction.

The group secreted this video last night.

You can donate to the fund here.

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