Scorpio is quite possibly the most intense, complicated sign of the zodiac.

If you are a Scorpio, you know this first hand, and if youve dated a Scorpio, youve gotten a close and personal look.

Dating a Scorpio isnt for everyone, thoughif you can handle it, youre in for the time of your life.

But, there are a few things you should understand before diving right into a romanic life with anyone who falls under this sign:

Passion. Passion. Passion.

Theres a reason why Scorpio is considered the most sexual sign of the Zodiac. Theres no denying the passion they bring to the bedroom or any room, really.

If you want to pique aScorpios interest, be ready for sex anytime, anywhere. Theres no boring, drawn-out or lifeless sex when it comes to this sign, so bring your A game if you want to keep up. Scorpios will be sure to blow your mind.

Dont waste your time by lying.

Scorpios are known for being truth-seekers. Dont bother bullshitting them because its only a matter of time beforethey uncover the truth.

If you thought your ex-girlfriend was a professional at social media stalking, you havent seen anything yet. It might come off as a bit suspicious or jealous, but chances are theyll only feelthat way if you give them a reason to.

Give them space.

Independence is extremely necessary for Scorpios, especially when in a relationship.

For this sign, theres nothing worse than feeling suffocated by their partner.

They have no issue spending time by themselves, whether its at home or out in public. Dont take this personally; they simply need this space regularly.

Dont try to solve their problems.

The last things Scorpios want is someone who thinks they have all the answers.

If a Scorpio opens up to you about something bothering them, listen without telling them what to do. They dont want your advice. They want to figure it out on their own.

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If youre not all in, then get out.

Loyalty is another huge attributeof a Scorpio. Once they decide to commit to someone, you better be ready, too.

If youre not interested in giving this person your all, you might as well give up now. Scorpios dont date justanybody, so they wont stick around for someone whos not giving them what they deserve.

Support theircareer goals.

Once a Scorpio sets her sight on a career goal, buckle up and get ready. Theres nothing that will make a Scorpio give up on their goals, including their partner.

If you want it to work out with a Scorpio, you have to encourage and support whatever career goals they are chasing after.

Be willing to open up.

Scorpios will always dig deeper in your mind, wanting to know everything about your past, current and future self.

Youll have to open up truthfully about everything, or theyll sense youre hiding something. It doesnt matter how bad it is; all they want from you is the truth.

They forgive, but they dont forget.

Being resentful is something Scorpios are known for, and its not something you want to experience. If you screw up, they will find out.

And while a Scorpio might forgive you, you can forget about them letting it go.

Act youre age.

Scorpios have zero tolerance for immaturity. They grew up dealingwith those immature boys in high school and are long since done with them. Act your age if you want any chance atimpressing them.

Get ready for the time of your life.

Dating a Scorpio isnt always easy, but if you havenothing to hide and can givethem space, then you should be just fine. Itll be worthwhile when you realize just how passionate and loyal they can be.

If you can get a Scorpio to fall for you, chances are you wont be going back to another zodiac sign any time soon.

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